Pennine Way

The Pennine Way, A Tale Told by Mark Lockitt..

So I’m in the process of cleaning out all my rubbish and boxing up anything of note and what should I stumble upon, but my attempt of keeping a diary on trekking the pennine way.

Which funnily enough is only a record of the first day.. we were so exhausted and had so little time, I didn’t keep a very good account.

I shall post it up here for prosperity’s sake.

The Pennine Way, 07/07/07, A Tale Told by Mark Lockitt (I sound like Bilbo Baggins)

DAY 1 – The Challenge Begins!

Start, Edale. Destination, Crowden.

Distance covered 16.9 miles

Accommodation, The Old House.

Right lets start at the very beginning, time to go to bed to prepare for the first day, go to bed just after 12, actual time of me falling asleep 4am. Wake up time of just before 8am, ok I’ve overslept, I’ve managed 4 hours of sleep. But I’m waking up feeling good and confident, I mean it’s just a little walk after all.

Putting up and testing the tent works first before the main event, good idea. Checking everything fits in your backpack, but forgetting, bad idea.

So after a brief moment of panic, I have the perfect solution, I start to tie everything that is waterproof to the rucksack, brilliant Mr. Lockitt. This includes my Indiana Jones hat with some handy pink string, which goes nicely with the orange string on the sleeping bag, now I’m just becoming a trend setter – perhaps I should go into fashion – anyway, where was I.

Ah yes, so now I’m packed and set to go, my lovely parents are there to take me and Andy to Edale to start our life changing adventure, well either that or someones stupid idea – Ok, I admit it, it was mine!

We’d planned to start walking at 10am, after the packing incident and taking longer to get there, it was in reality 11.45am.

Now the whole realisation of what I was about to undertake, coupled with the fact that I hadn’t trained with a fully loaded backpack came crashing down around me.. well it was worrying, but not that drastic.

After our farewells and a few glamour shots for the camera’s, we now begin our journey!

The beginning few miles were uneventful, my muscles strained from the extra pressure, they were not used to the weight, but overall I felt strong and confident. Luckily we’d walked the first few miles before, so we knew what to expect. After about an hours walk, we come to the base of Jacob’s Ladder.

Let me fill you in on Jacob’s Ladder, one man, namely Jacob had this evil plan to build a multitude of steps from rock, it’s sheer torture for any sane individual to climb. So we break for some snacks and a drink before attempting this feat. Let me tell you, whatever you do, DO NOT have orange and a ginger bread man before attempting this climb – it will make you feel, really, really SICK!

After about 30 minutes I do make it to the top, looking a bit green and peaky, but hey, I’m up!

We carry on until about 2pm and break for lunch… this was our big mistake. Just as soon as we open our packs, daddy ram and baby ram appear to have a bit to eat – I mean right in your face, “Do you think your going to eat all that”.

After sharing some of my lunch (Andy is mean and won’t share), it seems I’ve some new friends I just can’t get rid of, Joy! Anyway, with a lot of clapping my pesky visitors finally take the hint. Though it did seem he had a glint in his eye and was ready to charge!

We finish off our lunch and two passer by’s start chatting to us, the guy could tell we’d started the pennine way. He then informs us that we’ve a long way to go and expect to arrive at about 8.30pm in Crowden. We get a little disheartened, thank him and get on our way.

Up until now the paths have been rugged and quite hard to traverse, but after awhile were pleasantly surprised to find a decent solid path, this picks up our hopes up and we start to push hard to make good time.

That’s it I’m afraid, all I kept of our trek in the form of a diary, not even the full day.. It was a shame, I would really of liked to of kept a journal of our experiences, but there just wasn’t time, in hindsight I should of taken brief notes everyday and then written it once we came back, but hindsight is a wonderful thing…

…back to rumbling and see what else I find!