The Pennine Way in 14 Days

How we went about the fantastic journey that is the Pennine Way. Always will it be one of the big achievements in my life! I’ve laid out our itinerary to help anyone thinking of undertaking the Pennine Way in 14 days.

Our Challenge: Walk the Pennine Way 268 Miles in 14 days for Cancer Research
Over £5,000 (Just Giving & Sponsorship) raised by me & Andrew Williams

The Pennine Way Start – 7th July Finished – 21st July, 2007

One of the biggest challenges in my life to date, which at times I thought we wouldn’t complete, injuries, exhaustion, bruised and battered. Through gritted teeth we pushed on, an achievement which we’ll never forget. I’ll never forget how we completed The Pennine Way on the 21st July at 13:50, opening the door to the Border Hotel we were greeted by a singing crowd… in total it took us 14 days and 2 hours to complete this epic trek… we threw off our soaking wet sodden boots, had many beers and celebrated with all the new friends we had made on the Pennine Way.

Thank you goes to my walking partner Andrew Williams – we took it in turns to each keep us moving ever on-wards and celebrate each day’s completion with a pint.

So below you’ll find the route we decided to take, day 2 was pretty tough, I remember being in the youth hostel top bunk, every part of my body in agony, couldn’t sleep in one position, every time I moved a load of expletives would follow – it’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts though. But it was of course all worth it, such an amazing feat and one which I look back with very fond memories.

On average we covered around 2 miles an hour carrying our gear, on flat ground we would make 3-4 miles an hour, but as we soon found out, the Pennine Way is rarely flat, but it comes with some of the most breath taking views.

The Pennine Way Route in 14 Days

Day 1. Edale to Crowden. Distance: 16.9 miles. Start: 11:45am – End: 7:40pm, Time taken: 7 hours, 55 minutes. Stayed at The Old House –

Day 2. Crowden to Mankinholes. Distance: 25 miles. Start: 8:45am – End: 9:55pm, Time taken: 13 hours, 10 minutes. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

Day 3. Mankinholes to Ponden. Distance: 18 miles. Start: 10:00am – End: 7:10pm, Time taken: 9 hours, 10 minutes. Stayed at Ponden House –

Day 4. Ponden to Gargrave. Distance: 19.3 miles. Start: 8.45am – End: 6:00pm, Time taken: 9 hours, 15 minutes. Stayed in our tent – worst night sleep, ever! Some nutter camped near us!

Day 5. Gargrave to Horton-in-Ribblesdale. Distance: 21.7 miles. Start: 8:30am – End: 7:30pm, Time taken: 11 hours. Stayed at The Golden Lion Hotel –

Day 6. Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Hawes. Distance: 14 miles. Start: 10:00am – End: 5:05pm, Time taken: 7 hours, 5 minute. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

Day 7. Hawes to Tan Hill. Distance: 19.6 miles. Start: 9:00am – End: 7.10pm, Time taken: 10 hours, 10 minutes. Stayed some distance away thanks to a pickup from my folks – book very early for the Tan Hill Inn as they only have a few rooms. Or book in Keld, it’s a lovely stop, you’ll need to cover an extra 3 miles next day

Day 8. Tan Hill to Middleton-on-Tees. Distance: 19.75 miles. Start: 10:00am – End: 7:00pm, Time taken: 9 hours. Stayed at a Guest House (I forget the name)

Day 9. Middleton-on-Tees to Dufton. Distance: 21.75 miles. Start: 9:20am – End: 7:20pm, Time taken: 10 hours. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

Day 10. Dufton to Alston. Distance: 20.17 miles. Start: 9:00am – End: 6:45pm, Time taken: 9 hours, 45 minutes. Stayed at a Guest House (I forget the name)

Day 11. Alston to Greenhead. Distance: 18.14 miles. Start: 10:00am – End: 6:30pm, Time taken: 8 hours, 30 minutes. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

Day 12. Greenhead to Bellingham. Distance: 24.99 miles. Start: 8:00am – End: 8:15pm, Time taken: 12 hours, 15 minutes. Stayed at Lyndale Guest House –

Day 13. Bellingham to Byrness. Distance: 18 miles. Start: 9:20am – End: 6:00pm, Time taken: 8 hours, 40 minutes. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

Day 14. Byrness to Uswayford. Distance: 17.28 miles. Start: 8:20am – End: 4:00pm, Time taken: 7 hours, 40 minutes. Stayed at Uswayford Farm, about 1 1/2 miles off the track

Day 15. Uswayford to Kirk Yetholm. Distance: 15.41 miles. Start: 8:20am – End: 1:50pm, Time taken: 5 hours, 30 minutes. Stayed at a Travel Lodge on the way back home, I would highly recommend booking into the Border Hotel early to finish off your epic trek!

Our Pennine Way Photographs