Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast in 12 Days

The coast to coast is an amazing 190 miles of epic scenery, walking the breadth of the United Kingdom, starting on the west coast at St. Bee’s at the Irish Sea and finishing on the east coast at Robin Hood Bay with the North Sea. I walked the coast to coast on the 22nd September to 3rd October, 2009.

I dipped started by getting my feet wet in the Irish Sea and collected a pebble from the beach, the pebble was then flung into the North Sea on the ramp at Robin Hood’s Bay and I did a little more foot splashing into the North Sea, while trying not to fall in and get washed out to sea with the rough tide and refrained the urge to throw my boots in.

The Coast to Coast Route in 12 Days

Day 1. St. Bee’s to Ennerdale Bridge. Distance: 14 miles. Stayed at Shepherds Arms Hotel –

Day 2. Ennerdale Bridge to Borrowdale. Distance: 14.5 miles. Stayed at the Youth Hostel –

I walked the optional route of going up to Red Pike, word of advice, head across the Hay Stacks to re-join the coast to coast on top and don’t go back down to the Black Sail Youth Hostel, as you’ll only to have to re-climb back up loft beck, with my full pack, my poor knee’s were shot after that day, oops!

Day 3. Borrowdale to Patterdale. Distance: 18 miles. Stayed at the Youth Hostel – Stayed up top to do the high route to Helm Crag, I would advise ending your stop in Grasmere. So next day you can visit either Helvellyn or St Sunday Crag if the weather is clear, otherwise you can take the normal route to Patterdale.

Day 4. Patterdale to Shap. Distance: 16 miles. Stayed at Kings Arms Hotel –

Day 5. Shap to Kirkby Stephen. Distance: 20 miles. Stayed at Kings Arms Hotel –

Day 6. Kirkby Stephen to Keld. Distance: 13 miles. Stayed at Keld Lodge –

Day 7. Keld to Reeth. Distance: 11 miles. Stayed at Cambridge House –

Day 8. Reeth to Richmond. Distance: 11 miles. Stayed at Willance House –

Day 9. Richmond to Ingleby Cross. Distance: 23 miles. Stayed at a guest house (I forget the name). Save some energy to run across the motorway at the end near Ingleby Cross, always fun!

Day 10. Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top. Distance: 12 miles. Stayed at Maltkiln House –

Day 11. Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale. Distance: 19 miles. Stayed at High Hall Farm

Day 12. Glaisdale to Robin Hood’s Bay. Distance: 19 miles. Stayed at a Hotel (forget the name) and finished, phew!