Travel Information

We’re first time long term travellers, so we do a lot of research online to make sure we’re travelling safe, cheap and keep up with all the latest for travelling tips, offers and countries. Here is our list of travel information sites that we regularly check out.


Hostel World – Quick way to book hostels all over the world. You can find prices, amenities, customer reviews of each location so you know what you’re getting before you land and book your accommodation from the site. Hostel Bookers was bought by Hostel World in April, 2013.

Couch Surfing – One of the world’s largest travel communities. Couchsurfing is a great way of exploring places on a budget without spending a lot of money on accommodation. To date we haven’t couched surfed once, but we do use it to meet amazing people who can show us around and give us a local perspective.

Trip Advisor – Online community of travellers, it’s where we go to look at accommodation reviews and destination guides.

Travel Information & Visas

Foreign Travel Advice – Travel safe, check out the travel advice from each country from

Visa Requirements (UK Citizens), (New Zealand) – Nice way to quickly see what the visa requirements are for each country we want to visit.

Destination Guides & Communities

Lonely Planet – It’s worldwide renowned which gives practical information, recommendations and best-value tips for travelling the globe.

Fellow Travellers & Bloggers

There are a lot of travellers, youtubers and bloggers we’ve randomly stumbled across and like to follow, I won’t give a run down on each, as we could be here all day, but will give a shout out/link so you can go check them out too.