Travel Gear

Travel Gear

We’re preparing to travel around Asia from February 2014 for quite a long trip. I’m currently researching travel gear and getting everything to take with me, I know less is more, but I have no choice but to take a laptop due to work, I’m trying not to make the mistake of bringing too much.

In fact, I’m aiming to get all my travel gear in a 46 litre bag, which will allow me to take it onto the plane as carry on – no more loosing or waiting on luggage, and it will force me to take only the essentials.

I plan to keep this updated and let you know how I got on with what I started out with and what I would change, so here’s what I’m taking with me:


Electronics and Gadgets (Picture)


Clothes – Trousers, Shorts & Swim

Clothes – Shirts, T-Shirts and Jackets

Clothes – Feet & Underwear


Electronics and Gadgets

Travel Electronics
Update – I sent home the converter plugs and external drive case (all electronics went into a waterproof box) and unfortunately the underwater camera broke.