Tortuga Backpack

Tortuga Travel Backpack

Tortuga Travel Backpack is Emily’s preferred backpack of choice for her 8 month trip around Asia after lots of research. Check out her Tortuga Travel Backpack video review for more information.

The Tortuga Travel Backpack is designed by backpackers who were unhappy with the range and quality of products out there.

The advantages of the Tortuga Travel Backpack is that it zips all the way open like a suitcase, so it’s very easy to access your items quickly. It’s light weight (1.66kg), durable, strong and is under the flight regulations for carry-on. In 5 months of travelling and 6 countries I have never had a problem getting my backpack on a flight as carry-on, even on a small plane in Borneo.

For more information on the Tortuga Travel Backpack then you can visit the Tortuga Backpacks website. They are currently making smaller and revised versions that should be in production soon.

What Tortuga Backpacks have to say about their Tortuga Travel Backpack –

Suitcases aren’t designed for world travel. Wheeled luggage can’t stand up to the rigors of city travel. Have you ever tried dragging a suitcase with cheap plastic wheels over the cobblestone streets of Paris? Good luck!

The cylinder-shaped packs for “backpackers” aren’t much better.

Those giant backpacks are made for hikers, not travelers. They’re too big to be carried onto a plane, disorganized, and vulnerable to theft.

You don’t have to compromise. The Tortuga Travel Backpack is the ideal piece of luggage for frequent travelers.

For a one-week vacation or three months studying abroad or a year traveling around the world, you need a bag that’s made for you.

Emily modelling the Tortuga Backpack

Emily with Tortuga Backpack
Emily with Tortuga Backpack 
Emily with Tortuga Backpack