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Saving money travelling

Saving money while travelling can be quite easy if you know how, here are a few of our saving money travelling tips.

  • Take your water to restaurants (if worried ask them if it’s ok) so you don’t have to buy a drink, drinks can double your meal cost
  • Bargain whenever prices aren’t stated, if it’s services like a massage or accommodation go between different businesses and ask them to beat the competitors prices. Locals will quite happily charge you highly inflated prices if you are easily persuaded
  • Indonesia BusUse websites to find cheap accommodation, but it’s usually best to book in person, phone or e-mail. This way you avoid the websites additional fees and you can bargain, definitely do this in low season
  • Use public transport like buses and bemos
  • Eat where the locals eat
  • Travel light, carry-on luggage only, you can use the cheap carriers and avoid extra fees
  • Have a budget and keep a record of what you spend
  • Use the free items left at backpackers or given in hotels
  • Ask seasoned travelers what prices you should be able to get when bargaining for items
  • A bit of research on forums like Thorntree and Tripadvisor can give you ideas about your options
  • Always try to pay in the local currency otherwise you may end up paying transfer fees twice and at an unknown rate.
  • Don’t be pushed in to buying, take your time, this is often when you get ripped off. You can always go back.