Mitai, Maori Village

An evening at Mitai gave me an introduction to Maori culture leaving me amazed and in awe, they’ve really long tongues!

It opens out with warriors in traditional dress paddling an ancient warrior canoe (waka) down the Wai-o-whiro stream with flaming torches, we learn about the Maori past, carvings and ta moko (tattoo art).

Displays of weaponry and combat, coupled with the poi dance, with the spine tingling haka finale in a sacred and spiritual place that offers you an indigenous cultural experience.

Finally having a Hangi Meal, an authentic maori meal that is cooked in the earth oven known as ‘the hangi pit’ with choices of Lamb & Chicken, Potatoes (Rewai), Sweet Potato (Kumara) and stuffing (a combination of Bread, Mixed Herbs, Corn, Carrots & Peas).