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Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up-to with our geocaching exploits… Luke (Emily’s brother) would be ashamed of us for how little we’ve found thus far… sorry Luke!

Now we’re travelling Thailand and we hope to make amends for our lack of geocaching finds. Pranang Beach & Railei – Tonsai were both great hides in Railay, we were lucky to look for both of these at low tide to make them easier to access. Pranang Beach was an amusing find as we were clambering over massive pointy boulders, Emily was drunk after her one cocktail and Mark was shouting instructions of where it should be… communication at it’s best!

Divemuster One & Finding Squirt were really nice finds, they took us to some really scenic spots to enjoy the view, both found on the Perhentian Islands. Langkawi was located behind a bar, which Mark enjoyed, he got a beer on the beach watching the sunset – can you say hard life?

Malaysia (Borneo)
Some nice quick finds, we only managed to pick up a few geocaches located in Kuching during our Borneo stay.

Not sure what happened here, we were in Singapore for just over a week and there were tons of them everywhere! We were pretty much on the go the whole time and burning the midnight oil most nights, such a great place. We managed to get a lowly 2 geocaches during our stay (slaps wrists), Hidden Object was a really cool find, hidden on a stone mural, without the picture we would of been stumped as my GPS was way off.

Has very few Geocaches in the whole of Indonesia, cache numbers are in double digits. All the geoaches we found were linked to some commercial business, we never felt obliged or pressured into buying anything.. though most of the times we did. Sjaki-Tari-Us made us aware of the good work going on in Ubud for the handicapped and Campuhan Ridge was a very cleverly hidden cache (see picture below), which had a great walk to get to. It was really hard work to ditch our trackables, having about 8 of them to relocate.

Geocache in Ubud
Cleverly hidden Geocache in Ubud – can you spot it?
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