Cape Reinga

North Island Adventures

Or should that read misadventures? I thought it was high time I did an update and give you some crack of what I’ve been getting up to, tis been a hard life for sure!

On my travels I’ve been slowly updating and tweaking my blog, unfortunately it only shows a small proportion of what I’ve actually been up to, due to a combination of Internet access, bringing my blog up to date and laziness – I mean being so busy of course!

Near the end of May I finally hit the North Island, spending a few days exploring Wellington, and by exploring, I mean several nights out at the pub getting very dwunk! *hic*

Next stop Napier to visit the Art Deco capital, which was nice and quaint as a stop over.

Then to Rotorua, the thermal hub, visiting the Craters of the Moon en-route. Here I went to the Kiwi encounter to see a real live Kiwi, albeit it in an enclosure, and a trip to a Maori night. When coming to Rotorua you need to prepare yourself for the constant smell of rotten eggs, ugh!

Went to Wai-o-tapu, a thermal wonderland, all the pools a variety of yellow, red and green’s and a couple of hours chilling out in the spa.

Drive over to visit Hobbiton, which was amazing, to see the town about one third rebuilt, now if they could get their act together they could get filming, grrr!

Go to Waitomo, going under ground to visit the three caves, see the glow worms, following on next day with a 100m abseil and spending a few hours working our way back out – if you’ve ever watched descent, there was one part which was extra spooky, especially when I was left on my own, eeek!

Next stop is the National Park, with lots of walking and an attempt on the Tongarrio Crossing, only possible to go so far due to the weather, boo! Which was still an amazing trek.

Finally I drive down to visit my friend on the outskirts of Wellington and had a grand old time, walking, great company, amazing home cinema, even more amazing Japanese dishes and a Diablo 2 session.

Time to head down the East coast, first stop being Wanganui, with an elevator built into the hill, going down a 238 metre tunnel to get to it, supposedly only one of two in the world.

Then to New Plymouth, with a great coastal walk, watching the kite surfers playing in the sea, looks like great fun, it’s going on my to do list!

Onto Hamilton, which is friendly, one of the bigger places in NZ. Go around the Coromondel, amazing views and fantastic beaches.

Drive all the way up top to Kaitaia, to visit Cape Reinga light house and drive down the 91 mile beach – which is in fact only 63 miles long. Get to do some surfing down the great dunes, filling up places with sand that shouldn’t be O.o

Over to Raglan and spend a couple of days learning to surf, manage to stand up quite a few times on my first go, it’s awesome fun! Pickup a scar on my cheek though for my troubles, damn surf boards, I know why surfers are so fit, no-one told me it would be such hard work *puff, pant*.

Finally I’m now residing in the National Park for a few weeks, I’ve picked up my gear for some snow boarding and just waiting on some decent weather to get out on the slopes.

Met so many great people, had some great crack and entertaining stories – sorry it’s all a bit brief, but gives you an idea of where I’ve been. Well, best grab some lunch, belly says it’s hungry and who am I to argue, later dudes!