Live the Day

New Zealand Adventures in March, 2010

Some very brief updates of what I’ve been up to since arriving in New Zealand on the 4th March.

All my pictures can be found on my Photo Bucket Album (lots of them), quick way to view is to hit ‘Slideshow’.

My favourite thing to do is sit on the beach and watch the stars at night, you can clearly see the Milkyway, saw a shooting star, made a wish & watch the satellites zip by.. all with a cool beer.

I’ve got some other stuff which I’m working on, which I’ll hopefully get around to sorting soon, internet connection and time pending.

4th – Arrival in sunny New Zealand, stay at lively Base hostel, take a stroll around the botanic gardens, share a room with five American girls – have been up 30 hours!

5th – Take the tram around Christchurch, meet up with Jan, guy I’m thinking of travelling with/sharing fuel costs.

6th – Meet up with Jan, buy a Guitar to learn to play, go up the Gondola.

7th – Take a tour to Akaroa, breathe taking views, swim with Hector Dolphins – they really liked me!

8th – Pickup my Spaceship, real sense of freedom now, 4 days in Christchurch was too long, start to go exploring. Pickup another travel mate Mariska, friend of Jan’s and were all set to go.

9th – Drive to Hanmer Springs, lounged in the Sulphur pools, took a sauna, camped by a river and stoked up the bbq.

10th – Start the day with some mini golf in Hanmer Springs, then drive to Kaikoura to do the whale watching, first night watching the thousands of stars, view of the milky way and the satellites zip by.

11th – Not able to do the whale watching due to winds and bad for a few days, so head onto Nelson. About 15 minutes out of Kaikoura, pull over to find a whole coastline full of sea lions.

12th & 13th – Took a few days out at Nelson, have been covering a lot of ground in the car and in need of some R&R, sort out Abel Tasman.

14th to 18th – 3 days Sea Kayaking and 2 days Walking the national park. All I can say is what an experience, just simply astounding. Picked up a $30 fine for parking in a 10 minute zone for 5 days.. luckily car wasn’t towed away (not my fault).. whoops! Steak & Beer, nom, nom, nom! Find Jan alive, as had to bundle him onto a Water Taxi on the 16th due to sun stroke/exhaustion. My first sighting of glow worms as I walk down to the beach at night for some star watching with new friends and they light the way.

19th – Long drive to Westport – but a great drive, more mini golf in the evening and just manage to pull off a victory with my leet skillz. Not much in Wesport, I wait for the tumble weeds to blow across town.

20th – Drive to Greymouth, stop at the Punakaiki pancake rocks and blow holes, have a squiz at the jade gallery, spend the night in the pub with many stouts.. hic!

21st – Next stop Franz Josef and glacier country via Hokitika, staying at Glow Worms, book a day on the glacier for tomorrow. Make some wicked pasta for everyone with some bottles of wine, though I make far too much, but I guzzle it all and their leftovers, yum!

22nd – We have a truckload of rain and everything is closed due to the extreme weather (even for the west), rivers are swelling with huge chunks of glacier floating down them – so glacier walk cancelled. Sun pops out late morning, so we head to Franz Josef Glacier, do a few little walks, then pop to Fox Glacier and a DOC guy sends us on a secret walk up the mountain, very pretty, interesting bridge to cross.. very bouncy!

23rd – Franz Josef walk is on despite rain, meet up with a guy, Simon that I met in the pub (shocking I was in a pub hey?) night before, it was cold and wet, but oh my god, just simply fantastic, such an amazing experience, all the ice is so blue with the rain and we squeezed through a lot of tight spots – back to room and took the longest, hottest shower ever, then *cough* the pub!

24th – Next stop Wanaka, which to date is my most favourite place, though Franz Josef a close second. Head to the Cinema to watch Invictus in the evening with Jan and the girls, going to the cinema is a must in Wanaka, it consists of sofa’s, home made cookies and ice cream, take your drinks in, such a great place – I’d love to run something like this as a business. Oh almost forgot our stop to puzzling world, some cool stuff, took me 20 minutes to complete the maze in the correct order (which is very good going as it should take 1h – 1 1/2h), but it takes me another 20 minutes to get out :S

25th – Mountain biking around the lake in Wanaka, another sunny day, used muscles I’ve not used before, sore bum! Then a BBQ at our hostel over looking the lake with a big bunch of friends, lots to drink.. was very tired the next day, tis hard work enjoying yourself! See in Jan’s birthday.

26th & 27th – Drive to Queenstown, just chilling out, catching up with all my uploads, emails, preparing myself for bungee jumping, quad biking and maybe some sky diving and fishing.

That’s all for now.. I’ve been making lots of notes, but doubt I’ll have time to do anything until I get back.. lots to do šŸ˜€

I’ll try to keep you posted more frequently, bye, bye for now!