Geocache Spirits Bay

Geocaching North New Zealand

North New Zealand Road Trip – There & Back Again. I and Emily’s brother, Luke set out on an epic adventure to the tip of New Zealand on the 27th January, 2014. It was a good early 6.30am start to drive the 6+ hours up and beat the tide coming in to get around the bluff and grab some geocaches en-route and celebrate with a beer while the sun descended.

We hit the bluff just as the tide was coming in and we took drastic action as there was no safe way around, we found an eroded rocky path and we went for it – the car passed its first test of the day.

Soon after Luke wanted to push car once more and test its limits, driving up a stream from the beach our way was barred by a high sandbank, Luke gunned it, I was expecting us to sink and get stuck, but it ploughed easily up and over.

We took a well-earned break and did some snowboarding on the sand dunes – we soon discovered the snowboard worked awesomely!

Snowboarding New Zealand Dunes

Next we headed off for some chips at the last stop up North and to our campsite at Spirits Bay, which was stunning. We cracked open a few more beers, then took the bottle of whisky to our lookout rock on the beach and spent a romantic sunset staring into our whisky cups!

Spirits Bay

The weekend turned out to be a great adventure, we saw flying fish as heading out to a geocache on Treasure Island, planted lots of clever caches (one cache weighed over 5kgs and we spent over 2 hours carrying it to the most Northern point of New Zealand), found tons of geocaches, swam and ended our journey on an epic bush geocache called Apollo’s Pool where we got a wasps nest quite angry and suffered many wasp love bites, the pool was stunning.

Geocaches logged (33), it’s cool to be these caches

  • Apollo’s Pool. It’s only 2km from the road, but it’s hard working getting through the jungle as it’s so dense, took us around 4 hours of trail blazing.
  • Bivouac Falls. Stunning waterfalls we went to on our way back down from Apollo’s Pool.
  • Top of the Ninety Mile (Northland). Need I say more?
  • Treasure Island. This was fun as it took us half an hour to drive around to it while the tide was coming in, we nearly got stranded on the Island.
  • Bluff. Can only be found at low tide, we got this one on our way back down Ninety Mile beach.

Geocaches placed (8)

We covered massive distances in just a few days, cheers MrRush742!

New Zealand North