Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga (Te Reinga or Te Rerenga Wairua in Maori) is the tip of the Aupouri Peninsula, at the northern end of the North Island of New Zealand. Cape Reinga is located over 100 km north of the nearest small town of Kaitaia where I was staying.

Visiting Cape Reinga with Harrisons Cape Runner, the trip consisting of a visit to the Ancient Kauri Kingdom, Wagener Park, Rarawa beach, Cape Reinga, Tapotupotu Bay, Te Paki Sand Dunes (got to toboggan down the massive dunes) and drove down 90 Mile Beach (actually only 63 miles long) where I saw some wild horses hiding out in the dunes.

The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean crash together as they meet below the Cape Reinga lighthouse, with lots of swirls and different colours, it was certainly a sight to behold, albeit a little windy *grabs onto a fixed object*

We picked up a hitch hiker at the Great Sand dunes, he was Murtle the Turtle, who had been found on the beach, and we were kind enough to give him a lift to the DOC site, I hope he didn’t get car sick, I wouldn’t want to shell out for the cleaning bill.

Very lucky to have a great sunny day, considering I visited in the winter, but it is true, the further North you go in New Zealand, the warmer it gets. One of my favourite parts, not including the tobogganing (getting sand in unmentionable places) and the amazing views, was our lunch stop, where lots of Kiwi Quals came out for lunch too and excitingly weaved in and out of our feet picking up our crumbs.