Love Singapore!

This was my first time in Singapore, after spending several weeks in Indonesia it was a stark contrast – clean, efficient, orderly and loved it!

Got off the flight in Singapore and it was nearly midnight, had a vague idea of how to get to the hostel, Joyfor backpackers. A nice man at the train station saw me looking bemused and helped out by looking up the street on his phone so I could find out which station to get off.

Unfortunately it’s a very long street, around 2kms in total and we got off on the wrong end, we should have gone to Kallang station, doh!

Rather than pay for a taxi we decided to have a late night stroll, everywhere was lit up, everyone was dressed up and we trotted our merry way down the street, stopping for a late night supper on the way – which was yum and cheap!

About 2am we arrive at our hostel, we knew it had a 24/7 desk and were promptly shown to our dormitory beds, were we collapse and get a good night’s rest.

Later I find out we had just walked through the red light district, and there was me thinking everyone was dressed up for a night out on the town.

Initially we had decided to stay 3 nights, due to how expensive Singapore was, but in the end we stayed 8 nights as we loved it so much.

On our stay in Singapore we met some lovely people, Nelson who lived in Singapore took our little group of 5 around we had formed/adopted and showed us the sights, there were a lot of late nights, Karaoke, great food, amazing people who ran the hostel (they can’t do enough for you), amazing sights and a great vibe.

We can’t wait to go back for another visit, and would recommend it to anyone to spend a few nights in Singapore than just passing through, it’s really worth it.

You can check out our Singapore photographs below – we miss you Singapore, but we’ll be back!

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