Mulu National Park Camp 5

Camp 5 Mulu National Park

Camp 5 Mulu National Park is a 1 hour boat ride and a 9 km hike from Mulu National Park head quarters. Base yourself here for a number of hikes, including the famous Pinnacle trek/climb.

Getting to Mulu National Park
Flights to Mulu National Park are daily from Kuching, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei. You can also come by river from Miri.

A return boat trip plus one night accommodation is 175 Malaysian Ringgit. Extra nights 37 Ringgit per person.

An inclusive 3 day package of boat trip, 2 nights accommodation, and guided Pinnacles trek is 350 Ringgit (April, 2014).

Mulu National Park River

Try to book ahead as there is fixed availability, spaces can get booked out quickly. To go with a tour group or independently you can book through the main Park office by email using the Mulu National Park Website or you can do it in person at the main office, though remember daily space is limited.

Storing gear
Mulu National Park head quarters will store your bags
(with no valuables) for free at their security office. Electronics can be stored for free in the main office in a safe. They won’t let you leave cash or passports (we did stash our passports inside our electronics in a secure bag).

The rooms are open ended and have basic, long wooden surfaces on both sides where the thin mattresses are placed for every one to sleep on.

If you book for a guided walk, you’ll be in the same room as the others in your group.

No pillows are supplied. Mosquito nets (also vital against bees in bee season) and blankets can be borrowed with a deposit from Park Headquarters, or the mosquito nets can be hired for 10 Ringgit per night from Camp 5 (can get a double sized net for 2 people, ask when hiring).

There are lights above the beds but no power sockets any where in Camp 5.

Bring something to keep warm (light blanket), I was too hot the first night but chilly the second night. Socks and a t-shirt aren’t enough to keep warm if it gets cool.

Mulu Camp 5 Sleeping
Camp 5 Mulu National Park Sleeping Dormitory

If you are coming with a tour group, you will have amazing food cooked and supplied for you. Otherwise, you can buy a few things at Camp 5, tea/coffee 4 Ringgit, instant noodles 7 Ringgit, fried rice (breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a packed lunch) 15 Ringgit, Beer (warm – use river to cool) 10 Ringgit, as well as chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. No staples (oil, rice, veges, condiments) are supplied but I’m sure you could buy them off the staff if desperate.

Mulu Camp 5 Kitchen
Mulu Camp 5 Kitchen (sorry photograph is a bit fuzzy)

There is a kitchen with pots, pans, bowls, plates and utensils, sinks and gas cookers. This is included in your accommodation cost. Water is boiled and cooled by the staff and kept in two large vats for safe drinking 24/7, enough for all water bottle needs on hikes.

Toilet facility
The toilet block at Camp 5 is separated by gender and located near and under cover from the dorms. Toilets are all western, as in all Mulu National Park. Toilet paper is supplied but no soap. Showers are well maintained but cold (not an issue in the heat) and there is a large area for changing.

Extra notes
– Must bring a torch, there is barely any lights after sunset and you never know what you may step on, a lot of dead bees in bee season.
– There is no specific place to store food, we kept ours inside our mosquito net, with our bed and bags.
– There are games at Camp 5 (Jenga, chess and checkers set)
– It was almost impossible to dry clothes in the humidity
– The river runs right next to camp and another deeper swimming hole is only 30 meters upstream, essential to escape the heat and bees!
– Leeches are everywhere in rainy season but for our group (April, 2014), only 1 on the way in after 2 days no rain and 5 on the way out after showers at night. None around camp or river.

Approximately October to April is bee season at Camp 5, depending on when plants decide to flower. When we were there thousands of tiny, medium and normal sized bees swarmed Camp 5. Just outside of camp you will find very few bees if you need to escape. They come in search of salt and love the sweaty arms, shoes and clothes of hikers. Most of us weren’t stung and the few who were, didn’t react. I am unsure what is in Camp 5’s first aid kit, so bring adrenalin if you need, otherwise antihistamines.

They were everywhere and quite annoying, but wouldn’t stop me going again. Once washed/showered/dunked in river, they will leave you alone. We just had to be very careful putting shoes and clothes back on.

Mulu Camp 5 Bees
Mulu Camp 5 shoe bee attack

Purchasable from Mulu National Park Head Quarter’ s shop:
Gloves for Pinnacles 2 Ringgit
Poncho 7.50 Ringgit
Campung rubber shoes for Pinnacles 25 Ringgit
Torch 24 Ringgit
Instant noodles and food from 2 Ringgit
No insect repellent, bring it with you

Our Mulu Pinnacles Trek Photographs