Ubud Monkey

Monkeying around in Ubud

Despite being told to avoid the naughty monkeys at Ubud, we decided to risk it and go see why cute little monkeys could be so naughty, so we booked a day trip with Perama (peramatour.com) to Ubud for 80,000 Rupiah ($8) returning to Denpasar.

From Perama’s drop off in Ubud it’s around a 5-10 minute walk to the monkey forest, depending how much of a rush you’re in – just hang a left at the first turn off and follow the road.

When you arrive don’t forget to put away any loose articles in your bags, they’re tightly fastened and your bag is locked and secure, otherwise you’ll find your items in the hands of one of these cute little fellas who will soon be up a tree with it!

Its 20,000 Rupiah ($2) each to get in, if you’re feeling adventurous you can buy some banana’s to feed them – ensure you’ve had your rabies injections just in case! They’ve been trying to look after the monkeys a lot better the last few years and feed them regularly to make them less mischievous.

Ubud Monkeys

We found them to be very friendly and boy was there a lot of them, they took an interest with Emily when she got too close trying to get a few pictures and ended up having three extra carry on companions she didn’t bargain for. They were curious to find out what was in her backpack, just keep on walking as if everything is normal and they’ll soon lose interest and find something better to do – like look for someone who has bananas.

I was astounded when a group of young lads decided to light a cigarette and put it on the floor next to them, luckily the monkeys like to roll things and put it out pretty quick – stupid tourists!

We really enjoyed our encounter with these Monkeys (Macaque) at the Ubud Holy Monkey Forest (Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana) – just be safe and sensible – check out our photo’s below.

As geocachers, we were delighted to find two geocaches in and around Ubud, our first in Indonesia, the first being a special one to help bring awareness to children with special needs, the second a cleverly hidden cache in a community hall – all in all a good day!

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