Swam with Dusky Dolphins, 7th May, 2010

Not only have I been privileged to swim with the smallest Dolphin in the World, the Hector, I’m lucky enough to have swam with one of the Dolphins that is considered one of the most playful in the world too, the Dusky Dolphin with Dolphin Encounters from Kaikoura.

It’s an incredible feeling being nestled in between hundreds of Dolphins in the pod, as they swoop within an inch, circling you, zipping by as I do my best to keep them entertained.. good job I’ve got such a great singing voice! They loved my version of humming the jaws theme tune.

Swimming with Dolphins in the wild has been a life time dream of mine, and being in such proximity of so many dolphins is just an overwhelming experience.

Climbing into the boat to dry off and sup on a hot chocolate, having dozens of acrobatic dolphins doing jumps and tricks around the boat was superb!

About Dusky Dolphins

The Dusky Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) is a highly gregarious and acrobatic Dolphin. Life span of the dusky dolphin is thought to be anywhere between 20 to 25 years. Maximum size is between 165cm and 195cm in New Zealand and they weigh anywhere between 60 to 90 kg in weight.

Dusky dolphins are very gregarious and highly social, living together in groups called pods, which in the Kaikoura region can consist of individuals numbering anywhere from 100 to 800 in each pod. In autumn and winter, pod sizes can even be greater, sometimes numbering in the thousands. For this reason, Kaikoura is recognised as one of the best places in the world to regularly encounter wild dolphins in their natural environment.