Lost World

100m Abseil into the Unkown, 1st June, 2010

It was a 100m slow abseil into the Waitomo Lost World, then embarking on a journey back to the surface though another spectacular dry cavern. With my slight fear of heights, you’d of thought I would of learnt my lesson to not look down? Don’t be silly, eek, that’s a long drop to the bottom as I’m dangling by my rope.

The abseil is at least twice the height of any other cave at Waitomo and the beauty of this iconic cavern is unsurpassed, descending slowly bouncing and turning as the mist filtered light gives unreal qualities to the strange plants and formations around us.

Once I gingerly touched the bottom rocks, we set about our voyage finding the way out through pitch black underground caverns. With a fair amount of climbing and scrambling using carabiners so we didn’t fall down any big voids, we eventually found our way to the top of the bottom level surrounded by glow worms.

After a brief rest of looking at maggot poo (yes it’s gross, but they look like pretty lights with the chemical reaction), we started our final ascent on the 50m runged ladder – which was hard work, puff, pant! Unfortunately for me I was the last to ascend, and the cavern was starting to remind me of the descent movie!

Lucky for you all I made it out in one piece, the whole trip taking around 2 hours, much fun was had by all, with my fellow adventurers of Lesley, David, Anthony and our guide Iain.