Hi, I’m Mark, International House Sitter.

I would love to look after your home and pets while you are away – I love house sitting and will house sit anywhere in the world for any length of time, though sits of 3 or more weeks are preferred due to the costs of travelling.

Communication & Pets
While you’re away I will e-mail you regular updates (as often as you like) to keep you fully informed of how your pets and home are doing, giving you peace of mind – I understand it’s important to ensure pets aren’t disrupted and kept to their routines – I love walks, which is great if your pets need regular exercise and I always have time to give them lots of attention.

Your Home
Your home will be clean and tidy, looking after your home as if it was my own while you’re away. I’m very DIY competent for any little odd jobs that might crop up, and I’m not afraid of hard work – I’m used to mucking out chickens to guinea pigs or crawling under houses to investigate issues.

I am a web designer, so work at home, it means I will be in and around the house all day, keeping your pets company and offering your house better security.

It isn’t always essential, but it can be a good idea to set-up an agreement prior to a house sit to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible with someone else in your home, you can contact me and I will e-mail you a standard house sitting agreement.

I offer a range of services that can be undertaken while you’re away, need ferrying to the airport? Want a room redecorated? A complete spring clean? Check out my house sitting services for more information.

Great Track Record
I’ve never had any negative experiences or feedback in all my house sits, check out our previous references for more information. I’m always open to suggestions how I can provide an even better service.

About me
Non-smoking, who is very tidy, respectful, happy and quiet person who loves animals and happy to undergo police checks. I am a home owner, so understand owners concerns and capable in dealing with any issues that might arise – find out more about me.

My Requirements
I need stable internet access in order to work, if you have an internet data plan I use roughly 15-25GB per month. While travelling I may not have access to a vehicle, so will require transportation close by or loan of a vehicle to get around – if shops are within a half an hour walk I can get by without any transportation – unless it’s half an hour in the snow!

What Now?
Great, you want to get in touch – I love getting e-mail, you can contact me with any queries or questions and I will get back to you ASAP.

House sitting photographs.

All photographs were approved by the house sitting homeowners before being made public online – you, your pets and home privacy is paramount, nothing is used without your expressed permission.

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