I met Emily and Mark through the Kiwi House Sitters website, and they house sat my house and my many animals for a month while we were away overseas. My animals are very precious to me, and I couldn’t have asked for better people to look after them!

Mark, Fern & Jetsam
Fern & Jetsam Playing

Mark works from home so the animals usually had company during the day, and they kept in touch with regular updates and made sure I knew what every single one of the animals had been up to. It became obvious very quickly that they don’t just provide the basic necessities like food and water, but that they really love animals and also provide cuddles and attention.

Some of my cats are ex-stray and rather timid, and I have a very high energy dog and they met every challenge beautifully, and exactly the way I would have done it myself. All of the animals grew to love them, my dog got lots of walks and attention, the birds were happy, and not a single house plant died.

When we got back the house was clean, the yard better than I had left it, the animals very contented, and Emily had even re-done the flower arrangements my daughter had left for them originally and left us a box of chocolates! – totally above and beyond the call of duty!

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Emily for any house sitting position they might apply for, and for pretty much anything else as well. They are trustworthy, have common sense, are completely reliable, go out of their way to get things done and are just generally all-round lovely people!

If you would like a verbal reference I am happy to provide one. I am grateful for everything they did, and intend to stay in touch as they embark on their next adventure.

Thanks guys, you’re the best!

Jewels Annabell
Golflands, New Zealand

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About our house sit

Our house sit was in Golflands, Auckland looking after 1 Dog (Inka), 6 Cats (Cita, Domino, Ellie, Fern, Jetsam & Sophie), 2 cockatiels (Jessica & Sparky) & 1 Chicken (Buttercup).

Jewels is a wonderful person who looks after and rescues abused/stray pets, her pets mean everything to her.

We were honoured to look after Jewels house and pets while she was having a well-deserved vacation in America. Inka is lovely and very well trained, we went out for lots of walks (and geo-caching), it was very handy having a park right outside the back gate, so we got to go play ball 2-3 times a day as well.

Emily really loves chickens, Emily and Buttercup kept each other company while out in the garden, Buttercup was very helpful with bug removal when Emily was trimming vines.

As some of the cats are rescue, in the first few days some of them were shy of us. After getting used to us being around, we were never short of cuddles and they definitely weren’t shy anymore. Fern would love to come play ball with Mark & Inka and steal Inka’s ball thrower toy to play with. Cita & Ellie were always camping our laps and are very affectionate, Domino & Fern would love to spend time with us on the sofa, Jetsam liked to sleep outside in the front and would come for a fuss whenever we came outside – he would venture inside when he wanted some extra fussing. Sophie is very skittish, but would come of a fuss on the porch when she wanted some attention.

We really enjoyed our house sit and miss everyone, thank you Jewels for letting us look after your house and family.