What do you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’? Here’s my list of things I would like to do.

Bucket List Top of ListSee the world. Countries visited 19 of 197
Bucket List Top of ListBuild a eco/passive/sustainable home
Bucket List Top of ListAdd more things to my bucket list – coming soon
Bucket List Not DoneLearn a 2nd Language (Possibly Spanish)
Bucket List Not DoneWalk the Great Wall of China for a few days
Bucket List Not DoneMachu Picchu
Bucket List Not DoneDive with a manta ray
Bucket List Not DoneLearn to play guitar
Bucket List Not DoneRun a marathon
bucketlist-yesRun half a marathonCompleted 01/03/2015
Just about completed in Anglesey, knee’s gave up at mile 7
bucketlist-yesDive the Great Barrier ReefCompleted 10-13/08/2010more..
bucketlist-yesSydney Bridge ClimbCompleted 18/07/2010more..
bucketlist-yesTravel New ZealandTraveled March to August, 2010more..
bucketlist-yesLearn to SnowboardFirst time in June-July 2010more..
bucketlist-yes100m AbseilCompleted 01/06/2010more..
bucketlist-yesGrade 5 RaftingCompleted 09/05/2010more..
bucketlist-yesBungy JumpCompleted 30/03/2010
One day, three jumps
bucketlist-yesJump out of a perfectly good AeroplaneCompleted 29/03/2010
Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?
bucketlist-yesWalk on a GlacierCompleted 23/03/2010more..
bucketlist-yesSwim with DolphinsCompleted 07/03/2010 & 07/05/2010
Swam with Hector & Dusky Dolphins
bucketlist-yesWalk the Coast to CoastCompleted 03/09/2009
The Coast to Coast is a 190 mile walk, which was done over 12 days
bucketlist-yesWalk the Pennine WayCompleted 21/07/2007
The Pennine Way, 268 miles walked in 14 days for Cancer Research UK