LinkedIn Network, Quantity vs. Quality

Thought I would write a quick article on the quantity vs. the quality of your network professional connections. There is a group on LinkedIn called “UK Introductions” you can join to help contribute and grow your network.

First things first, you should know of a great little tool on LinkedIn, if you go to Contacts > My Connections > Network Statistics, you will get full statistics of how LinkedIn you are. Of course, don’t go now, read the article first before I loose you… doh, too late lost some of you!

For those still reading – thanks for sticking with me, here’s a quick break down on my view of the argument on quantity of contacts vs. quality, I would be interested in hearing yours.

Some want to build a huge network, they will invite every man and his dog. Rightfully so, as LinkedIn is about networking and being found, simple maths state that the more contacts you have, the higher the probability you have of being found – all elementary stuff dear Watson.

Others stick to a quality network, as stated in LinkedIn’s T&C’s, you should only invite people you have in some way actually associated with. Which is great for those that come into contact with an assortment of individuals daily.

My belief is that it’s best to take the middle ground. You will eventually exhaust all your contacts you associate with, and these will grow very slowly as time goes on. You really need to take the initiative if you want LinkedIn to work hard for you – that new job, contract, employee won’t just land in your lap. Use the advanced search (top right) to start searching for new contacts, you can filter these results to locations and industries.

For example, your an SEO Guru, so first off you start by connecting with all the recruitment firms in the area’s you want to work, next you have a prime list of companies you’ve always wanted to work for, say Google is one of them, so you start introducing yourself at different levels and see if they are agreeable to connect – you have to make your own opportunities to get anywhere in life.

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