Landing Page

Create effective landing pages

I’m often asked the same questions about effective landing pages, and what is a landing page, why should I use them, how do I go about creating one, how do I tell if it’s really working?

In an aid to answer your questions, I’ll give you a rough break down on how to create a effective landing page, it’s an art in itself making sure landing pages work hard for you and finding loopholes and keywords your competitors have overlooked. Optimise your content better and gain a more prominent position over your competition, converting a user into a client or sale – it’s all about successful research and implementation.

What is a landing page?

In layman terms, a landing page is just what it says on the tin, it’s the page a potential client or customer lands on. They’ve come across this page either via a link from a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, a pay-per-click campaign or another external source, such as a link from other websites, blogs, forums or a successful and effective link building strategy.

Why should I use landing pages?

A well built effective landing page is one of the most vital and important tools that you have in your arsenal to bag that client or essential sale. If your a savvy business, which obviously you are to be here, a few goals you’ll want to achieve:

  • The majority of your visitors will come from a search engine, give the potential customer exactly what they’re after in the quickest and shortest route.
  • Make the most of your pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns. Many ppc campaigners tend to send people directly to the homepage of your site, this is a really bad practice and makes no sense. This will not only cost you valuable pennies, but will also cost you the loss of business. If you’ve taken the time to set-up a campaign, the user has clicked your ad, you need to give them what they’re looking for or they’ll go elsewhere.
  • If you land a customer on a page they’re looking for, you are encouraging them to make a purchase – it’s all about increasing your conversions.

How do I go about creating a landing page?

If you want to build a successful landing page, you want to ensure that page is dedicated to a single product or service, providing the potential customer everything they need to make a decision. Ensure it’s clear, concise, uses targeted keywords, has good title tags and has prominent calls to action on how to take up your product or service – don’t be reliant on just one source, everyone is different on how they respond to a call for action and where they respond to them, use two or three different types, button, text link, telephone number etc.

How do I know my landing page is working?

You should ensure your site(s) use some sort of web site traffic statistics, the most popular free one being google analytics which ties in with google adword campaigns. Monitor pages effectiveness, how long are users spending on your newly created page, tweak the copy, ask colleagues to view the pages and ask them what they remember about the page.

There are many considerations in creating good landing pages, such as length of pages, a section dedicated to one offer with easy access to others, call to actions, call to action placements, bonuses, testimonials, fast load times, layout, headings, colours, search engine considerations, it’s a vast list and can be a minefield of information to get right.

These are the basics to creating good landing pages, with some tweaks and improvements, you can make them great landing pages. If you would like any further information or help you can contact me via my website or find me on LinkedIn.